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Conference offer

The organization of the conference is a huge logistical challenge. With this awareness, we strive to help our clients with this task. 
Years of experience have convinced us that there is no universal recipe for a successful conference or training. That is why the details of each business meeting organized in Stary Tartak Hotel is determined individually. Our customers themselves decide on matters relating to the board and the organization of additional attractions for the participants of the event. 
Each of the conference rooms located in the old sawmill is equipped with props necessary to conduct a successful lecture: internet access, flipcharts, markers, screen and projector. All of the conference organizers are also able to use the hotel's laptop and photocopying machine.

Stary Tartak **** Hotel i Restauracja

14-200 IŁAWA, ul. Biskupska 5

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N 53° 35'

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Landline tel.: +48 89 640 13 13

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E-mail: recepcja@starytartak.com.pl


Landline tel.: +48 89 640 13 13

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E-mail: restauracja@starytartak.com.pl


Landline tel.: +48 89 640 13 13

E-mail: konferencje@starytartak.com.pl