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Dear Guests,
We would like to present you the offer of our massage salon. The massage salon will undoubtedly enrich and diversify your stay in our hotel. All the massages are given by professional and experienced masseurs. If you are interested in the offer, please contact the reception to book it (phone no. 100) and earlier booking. All the massages are given with the relaxing music played in the background. We invite you to get familiar with our offer.

A classical and
relaxing massage

A classical massage 160 PLN / hour

It is the most popular massage which can be either therapeutic, relaxing or stimulating, depending on the intensity of the massage. This massage improves a psychophysical condition of the body, loosens the muscles and helps to overcome stress.

A relaxing massage 160 PLN / hour

The aim of the relaxing massage is to reduce and fully eliminate the muscle tone and mental tension, and to cause a state of a total relaxation in the guest.

A cosmetic massage

A cosmetic massage 180 PLN / hour

The cosmetic massage is made to tone and elasticize the skin tissue and the hypodermis. It also gives the effect of relaxation.

A facial massage
and lymphatic drainage

A facial massage 100 PLN / 30 mins.

It stimulates blood circulation and opens up the pores – thus, a higher amount of nutrients reaches the tissue. The skin becomes firmer. Skin tension is one of the main causes of wrinkles, however, a facial massage can relax the muscles and make the skin look younger.

A lymphatic drainage 180 PLN / hour

This massage improves the lymph circulation, removes useless elements of metabolism and cleanses the body. It also reduces cellulite and stretch marks, lessens swelling and elasticize skin.

Foot massage

Foot massage 80 PLN / 30 mins.

Foot massage is one of the most enjoyable ways to relax. It relaxes, soothes and calms. It also makes the blood circulate at a quicker pace. Thanks to a foot massage metabolism is improved and toxins are removed faster from the body.

Head massage

Head massage 80 PLN / 30 mins.

Massage with aromatherapy, stimulating blood circulation, bringing to a state of deep relaxation.

Balinese massage 180 PLN / hour - 240 PLN / 90 mins.

Massage removes tension in inflammatory areas, causes relaxation and relieves pain.


Stary Tartak **** Hotel i Restauracja

14-200 IŁAWA, ul. Biskupska 5

Współrzędne geograficzne:

N 53° 35'

E 19° 33'


Landline tel.: +48 89 640 13 13

Mobile: +48 661 888 555

E-mail: recepcja@starytartak.com.pl


Landline tel.: +48 89 640 13 13

Mobile: +48 603 522 588

E-mail: restauracja@starytartak.com.pl


Landline tel.: +48 89 640 13 13

E-mail: konferencje@starytartak.com.pl



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